Vroom, whir, zoooooom: where electric bikes meet Fulton

the Ride Bicycles crew

Gas prices are ridiculous (I saw $4.49/g on Atlantic yesterday), bus lines are getting cut, and the MTA is now charging $104 for their 30-day subway pass. But our fair city is all about getting around, and getting around fast and cheap is even better. Well Bed-Stuy just got access to the latest trend in inexpensive and fast people-movers. Ride Bicycles at 1337 Fulton Street are now offering residents the latest in ‘electric bicycles’ – a no-sweat commuting device. Commonly used all over the world, you may have seen some of these electric bicycles in New York being driven by restaurant delivery-people.

So here is how it works:

You have a normal 21-speed bicycle, but it has a battery attached to the back and a small motor. There is a battery-charge indicator on the handlebars and you can charge up the removable battery with a 110volt outlet. Batteries tend to last about 20 miles per charge, but you can purchase multiple batteries and it only takes about 5-6 hours to fully charge them. Ride Bicycles will be offering these bad-boys for about $899 and up, or the foldable versions (oooohhh, aaaahhh) for about $575 and up. The fancy style electric bikes that look just like scooters will be around $1,000.

Matthew, the owner of Ride Bicycles (and cousin of Fulton Bikes owners) says that electric bikes are great because of their versatility. “You can use them as regular bicycles and have a great workout,” says Matthew, “but in electric-mode, you can use them to commute to work without even breaking a sweat.” A sweat-free commute? Count me in!

While Ride Bicycles will specialize in electric bikes, they are also a regular bicycle shop offering an array of inexpensive mountain and road bikes between $150-$400. Repairs and tune-ups are pretty inexpensive as well, at around $45 for a full tune-up. Matthew says they will also expand into other sports and hobby equipment as well: razor scooters, basketballs, and toy helicopters for instance.

Only one week old, Ride Bicycles will be slowly expanding over the next few months. So stop on by and say hello to Matthew and the crew. And yes, they will have a free air-pump out front.

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