Underground Analog

You actually hear it before you see it. Soul music bouncing off of the pavement all the way down the block. Then when you do see it, you aren’t really sure what you are looking at: a diamond-plated basement grate propped open and guarded by an armored knight holding a sign that says ‘RECORDS’. But then you make the plunge into the incensed depths – beyond the bright sunshine, the sounds of the Franklin shuttle and car horns subsiding. Underground Analog is another world of disco balls, exposed light bulbs, black and white linoleum floors, and piles upon piles upon piles of albums.  For 15 years, Israel Ben Yehudah has been serving up tasty disco, jazz, and soul right here at 1118 Fulton Street. With record play on local DJ shows like Sister From Another Planet and buzzing word on the street, Israel really doesn’t do too much advertising.

Big sellers like James Brown, Miles Davis, and Roy Ayers hardly stay on the shelves, but there are also heaps of rare items scattered throughout. Israel has a mix of new and lightly used records. With prices from $2 all the way up to $100, his inventory mostly comes from purchasing entire audiophile collections. “But I only sort out the best of the best,” says Israel, “I only buy the really good stuff.”  And with 15-20,000 records at any given time, you will end up losing hours of your life down here looking for that perfect vinyl. It’s like walking down into your grandparents’ basement and finding that milk-crate of epic albums stored under a clown painting and dusty rug. Underground Analog is open 12-8pm everyday except Saturdays, which is perfect for anyone who needs to get their album search-on after work, or you DJ types who don’t wake up until one in the afternoon. For more information, give Underground Analog a call at 347-886-5611. No, Israel cannot pull up his inventory on a computer, but that’s not the point; just journey downstairs and start looking for yourself.

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