Our city runs on coffee.

hot water  +  beans  =  successful day

But you already knew that. That’s why you get your coffee every day before you hop on the train, bike, or bus to go to work. Hot or iced, it gets your fuzzy brain pumped up and your eyes open and alert. So I know how excited you will be when you find out about a new coffee shop opening up on Fulton Street: Blu York Coffee Lounge. Co-owners Ivan Giovanettina and Ian Robinson were sitting around one summer in Bed-Stuy musing about how nice it would be to get out of the house and just hang out at a cafe. So they decided to open one up.

And this is not your traditional coffee place either. Ivan and Ian envisioned a bar sans alcohol, a lounge where you could sip their private coffee roasting label (fair-trade and organic), toss in a menagerie of flavored syrups and the finest ingredients, and mingle with your neighbors. “Why should Manhattan get to have all the nice stuff when residents should have it here” said Ivan, explaining the concept. A series of both organic and conventional ingredients are used as well as all natural (not that “fake natural” as Ivan exclaimed) and they installed a four-level water filtration system for their gleaming Fiorenzato Ducale. Once they get off of the ground, Blu York will offer frappes, fruit smoothies, a wide selection of teas, Italian sodas, and 2-3 flavors of iced tea and lemonade.

The food menu (which will actually begin in June, the same time their back patio will open!!!!) will pay homage to comfort food as well as customers’ special dietary restrictions. “Half the menu will be like Grandma used to make while the other half will be health-oriented,” Ivan continues, “we are working with a company now to develop special menu options, so if you have diabetes or high-blood pressure, certain items will have icons to show they are meant for that particular diet.” With many of the baked goods, and all of the soups, salads, and sandwiches made on-site, this place will be fresh in every sense of the word. And they plan on being a major staple of your day, too. Call, text, tweet, or facebook them before you leave your house in the morning, and they will have your lunch order already waiting when you pick your morning coffee up. Ivan says “you can save a couple of bucks by buying your lunch here and bringing it with you instead of buying your lunch at work in Manhattan.” And he has a point: $3 saved every work-day is $720 per year!

But Blu York Coffee Lounge is not just part of your daily commute, it is part of our thriving community. During construction, every material used is either recycled or recyclable and all of their building and construction contractors, their vendors, and suppliers are locals from Brooklyn. On top of this, they are employing a number of youth from the Vannguard Urban Improvement Association’s youth development program. They also hope to have a ‘tutoring-time’ for teachers to help tutor local students in exchange for some food perks on top of an amazing time-bank barter board available.

To top it all, they plan on having a full program schedule of live music (a full on dj station and sound system), art shows representing local artists, jazz nights, dance and talent competitions out on the back patio, and as a meeting space for community groups (feel free to hook up your presentations on their flat screen TV’s).

Ivan and Ian plan on opening Blu York’s doors mid-May,  7:30am – 8pm daily. Once summer is in full swing in mid-June, they plan on staying open until 11 on the weekends with their full menu and having plenty of fun times out in their back patio.

Your new fix lies between Marcy and New York Avenue, across from Applebee’ s at 1365 Fulton Street.

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