Hook, Line, & Sinker: Sun Fish Market

Fresh Catch of the Day!

It’s 3am. Do you know where your local fish monger is?

Well, if you patron Sun Fish Market at 1513 Fulton Street, then you must know that your monger is up at the docks, picking up the day’s fresh catch for you and your neighbors. For 20-odd years now, Sun Fish has been providing Bed-Stuy with awesome amounts of omega-3’s and vitamins B2 and D in tasty fish-form. Did you know that you could get wild, line-caught, local fish on Fulton Street, too? Just ask Mel Jones, who has been patroning this location for 28 years: “I live in California now, but every year I come back for my mom’s birthday and cook her up some whiting, catfish, porgy, or salmon.”  Mel likes to be simple: some whiting, a little cornmeal, salt, pepper, and a dash of hot pepper, and you have yourself a great dinner.

Mel Jones, California resident but Bed-Stuy native, buying some fish for his mother's birthday dinner!

Gin Hong, who grew up behind the fish-counter, and now helps manage Sun Fish, suggests a trick for those who fear that fishy-taste: “soak your fish overnight in pineapple juice, and the next day, when you are baking or grilling, liberally apply peach juice.” Gin says that the juices turn into a sort of sweet glaze, and all of that fishy taste will simply disappear. But Mel is not the only one who keeps coming back, Gin says that his customers hail from all of New York City’s boroughs, even driving over from Staten Island! His biggest sellers are definitely the inexpensive and versatile whiting and porgy, but Gin says that Sun Fish also specializes in wild, line-caught fish, like the Snappers, White Salmon, and Kingfish, “sometimes, we still find the hooks in the mouths!” For wild, local-caught fish, Gin says Bluefish and Whiting are a sure-bet.

More than just fresh fish, Sun Fish sells all of the accoutrements to have a great meal.

Sun Fish sells live crabs, and a number of other shellfish items, and also has a frozen section where you can get all sorts of shrimp and mussels you need. So just grab one of the metal bowls at the counter, put on your plastic glove, and start grabbing at the freshest fish in town. Gin will gladly weigh it out and you can get it cleaned while you wait.

So now that you know about Sun Fish’s selection of wild, line-caught, local fish, you have no excuse to leave the ‘hood again.


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