Foodtown: Bed-Stuy’s Barnyard?

Only some of Foodtown's Organic Offerings!

Maybe you have seen Foodtown’s monthly flyer around the neighborhood, you know, the “Easy to Eat Well” insert which not only explains the importance of eating healthy and buying organic, but also shows organic sale-items? Maybe you have seen their “Be Healthy” insert which is circulated every week? Maybe you even check out Foodtown’s selection and scope an organic tomato or organic lettuce? But I never realized how much organic, natural, and even local food is sold right here on Fulton until I dug a little deeper.  “We don’t just sell organic food, we promote wellness and good food around the neighborhood” said Foodtown Manager George Chacon. As I peruse the legal-sized green insert showcasing organic and natural products that George handed to me, he gives me a running-list of some of their organic products: teas, dairy-free milks, nuts, fruits, pastas, yogurts, granolas; the list went on and on and on. I remember about three years ago, Foodtown had a small dry-section of natural offerings taking up a few shelves of space. I ask George if demand has increased in the neighborhood  to which he replies, “take a look:”

A medieval wall-sized selection of Bob's Red Mill products.

Aisle 8 ….. this is where the magic happens. Beyond the organic and natural foods tossed in with conventional produce, drink, and frozen items, there is now a dedicated aisle for organic dry-goods; and it is growing. “We base our orders on demand, and customers continue to ask for healthier products.” George continues with a huge smile, “we have many of the same suppliers as Whole Foods, so almost anything they can order, we can order too. The customer just has to ask for it.” Foodtown has all of the basic organic veggie products, non-dairy, gluten-free, and meat replacements that you could want, but they also have a growing bulk section of nuts, dried fruits, and granolas. And their natural and bio-degradable cleaning products section is growing, too. Let’s check out the produce section…

Delano McLaren excitedly shows me around his produce department, wowing me with all of the organic fruits and veggies he has identified with little brown description-tags (conventional items have regular green tags). Delano tells me that the apples, potatoes, onions, kale, and salad greens are his biggest organic sellers, but it doesn’t stop there. He continues, “when it is summer, we buy directly from local farmers and have sold local collards, squash, swiss chard, peppers, and cabbage.” He points over to another section, “actually, we sell local apples and some of the ciders are local right now, too!”

So Delicious Dairy-Free Coconut Milk

As I was leaving Foodtown, George told me that by using their flyers and circular inserts, they wanted to show their aggressive discounts on organic and natural items. The store genuinely wants to promote wellness and good food around the neighborhood, and if they can make these products comparable in price to conventional items, then we are all one step closer to having a healthier and greener Bed-Stuy!


1420 Fulton Street, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NY 11216

Between Marcy and Brooklyn Avenues

(718) 623-1808


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